Terry Poh Juyong

TERRY POH JUYONG is a sculptor, painter & designer. AFine Art graduate (BA Hons) from Middlesex University London, UK, the artist completed post-graduate studies in Art & Design majoring in Sculpture.

His minimalist forms are often responsive to architectural and landscapes spaces, in part because of his career helming an interior design firm.

Working with direct sculpting in his stone works and foundry casting in his bronze sculptures, the artist also deploys ‘construction’ materials such as cast-iron rods, plates and wires in his assemblages.

His paintings often involve the incorporation of materials including metallic elements and relief techniques.

His works have won awards and accolades including the Distinction Award at the Tan Tsze Chor Awards in 2012, and two Commendations in the UOB Painting of the Year [1997].

A national television program, Art Nation hosted by Beatrice Chia in 2002 had an episode dedicated to his work and process. His work was also featured in the UK book publication in 2008 (Ed.Bonnell & Mumberson, A & C Black Publishers, London, 2008) and was featured on the cover of the book Iron Man (Ed N.Tan 2002, Singapore). 

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