Nyåkers Pepparkakor is a bakery in northern Sweden, not far from the Arctic Circle. Today Nyåkers Pepparkakor is the oldest gingerbread biscuit bakery in Sweden, with a long tradition behind it. The business began in the 1940s when two brothers from Nyåker got the idea to distribute the gingerbread biscuits that had been baked for generations in their home in Nyåker, a district which was already famous as the Promised Land of gingerbread biscuits. The two brothers worked out a recipe for the gingerbread biscuits and began to bake them, and in fact this recipe is still used today and is a very well preserved secret. Because Nyåkers Pepparkakor have their own recipe they also have a very special taste, and therefore can never be confused with other varieties.

The family behind SunHalo are fans of traditional Swedish cuisine. And pepparkakor are a wonderful Swedish treat. We believe they are the perfect gift for family and friends and to nibble on at home. Trust us, once you have had one, it will be very hard not to finish the whole tin or box, they are quite addictive!

Please contact us for more information on the various flavors and shapes of Nyåkers gingerbread cookies.