Gustaf Bong Vegetable Stock Cubes

Gustaf Bong has a long heritage and tradition in producing the finest broth products since 1890. Bong’s products are of high quality because they have a shorter list of ingredients, with no flavor enhancers, they contain a higher percentage main ingredient than competition, with no colorants, no cured fats and only natural aromas.

In the Philippines, it is very rare to find Vegetable Broth Cubes and as a vegetarian family, it is important to us to bring in the best one we have tasted. It takes quite some time, and a lot of vegetables, to produce a really good vegetable stock. Bong stock cubes were a very convenient option for us. We use it for all kinds of soups (e.g. pumpkin, minestrone, lentil…) and it magically transforms the flavor profile of the soup. It also does wonders to quinoa or grain dishes since the grains and seeds absorbs the flavor of the cooking liquid. Use it in stir fry with vegetables and savory bakes.

If you want to know more about how to use Bong Vegetable Stock Cubes in your home, restaurant, or hotel, contact us soon. We can help you devise interesting new recipes using the Vegetable Stock Cubes or help improve on the taste levels of your current dishes.